Dear Odessa citizens!

I love our city with all my heart, and frankly speaking, I feel indebted to you, because once you chose me as a deputy of Zhovtnevyy District Council of Odessa, as a deputy of Odessa City Council, twice as Deputy of Ukraine according to majority district, and twice - under the proportional electoral system.
Dear friends! I want you to know: for me your trust is the most important source of self-confidence and reliance, it is the incentive to work even more effectively to meet your expectations.
I perfectly understand that it is necessary to confirm people's trust with good deeds and to report to voters about work that was done. That’s why today I can honestly say that all 12 years of work in Verkhovna Rada I lobbied for the interests of Odessa and Odessa citizens. And that will never depart.

Deputy of Verkhovna Rada, honorary citizen of Odessa Sergey Kivalov’s contribution to Odessa and Odessa citizens:
• Founded the state higher educational institution the National University “Odessa Law Academy" and created 10 branches of NU "OLA" where students from all over Ukraine and from 20 foreign countries study. Created 15,500 workplaces (teaching staff, teaching and auxiliary staff, administrative and managerial staff, student collective).
• Founded in Odessa the International Humanitarian University which is a higher educational institution of European type, a young but rapidly and successfully developing university, where more than 3000 students study. Created 4,500 workplaces (teaching staff, teaching and auxiliary staff, administrative and managerial staff, student collective).
• Initiated the construction of the first Ukrainian Student Temple and for the 6 years he built in Primorskiy region of Odessa (4 station of Big Fountain) Church of the Holy Martyr Tatiana who is Students Patroness. Today the temple is the architectural value and sanctity of Odessa; it is the spiritual center for Ukrainian youth.
• Opened in Odessa sanctification of waters sources in the territory of Temple of the Holy Martyr Tatiana. According to what Odessa citizens say, it is the best in the city well-room of high-quality artesian drinking water (well depth - 112 meters).
• Opened in Odessa free legal advice office at 5 station of Big Fountain (Law Clinic), where for 12 years 50-60 people get legal assistance every day. Over the years of work the staff of the Legal Clinic: students, postgraduates and teachers of the National University “Odessa Law Academy" gave more than 80 thousand consultations to Odessa citizens.
• Created the Southern Regional Research Center of National Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine at Odessa National Law Academy for further development of scientific capacity in South Palmyra.
• Created 4 specialized doctoral Scientific Councils at Odessa National Law Academy. For 13 years in NU "OLA" hundreds of master's and doctoral theses were defended, some of them were defended by talented Odessa citizens.
• Created the museum of Rare Book at Library of NU "OLA”. There are 15,000 rare books in book fund, all visitors admire it. It contains “New Testament “ of XVII century, “Legal Code of Tsar Alexey Mikhailovich” of XVIII century", “Decrees of Catherine II” of 1766, " Kobzar "T.G. Shevchenko of 1896, "F.M. Plevako Speeches" of 1912, and a large collection of valuable miniature editions.
• Created in Odessa the Institute of professional judges training. Judges of the Supreme Court of Ukraine, of local and appellate courts, leading specialists of the Supreme Council of Justice carry out lectures, workshops, role-playing games in the Institute of professional judges training.
• Planted more than 5 thousand young trees of different species near the sea shore on the 8 station of Big Fountain. So in the area that before was abandoned with garbage, the beautiful green slopes with modern system of trees watering appeared.
• On the occasion of 10 anniversary of National University “Odessa Law Academy" he planted Limes Alley on Pionerskaya Street.
• Built a modern sports and recreation complex on the territory of National University “Odessa Law Academy", where Odessa citizens can stay at open soccer field, volleyball court, basketball court, in gym from morning until late evening.
• Created the TRC "Academy" which is the most popular television channel in the region by engaging in a grid of its broadcasting the most popular informational TV shows ("Background", "Odessa Diary", "Operation Center", "Observer").
• Refurbished the Memorial panel of memory at Theater Square by the walls of Odessa Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet, and monument "Saved childhood", which is dedicated to street children, who were rescued in 1920th in Odessa, in Children's campus named after Comintern.
• The construction of the unique recreation center in Zatoka is being finished. This center has no analogues in the region.
• The construction of the Universal Sports Complex at 8 Station of Big Fountain is being finished. This is a sports complex for team sports: football, basketball, handball, a special playground for beach volleyball, tennis courts, a complex of 12 trainers for the street. All this is made for Odessa citizens to make their rest by the sea shore as comfortable as possible.

Yours, Sergey Kivalov